The Fifth- and Sixth-Dimensional Collective: A Message To Lightworkers, February 6th, 2015

Source of reference: Lightworkers, A Message To Lightworkers From The Collective, Through Caroline Oceana Ryan, February 6th, 2015


A Message To Lightworkers From The Collective, Through Caroline Oceana Ryan

by Whimsey Nimble

February 6, 2015, Comments(10)
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The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends and fellow journeyers upon the Ascension path!

We see you in your constant endeavors, and we cheer you on as you climb ever higher in your Ascension, toward that which you have known before, and will again—the joy, beauty and fulfillment of the higher realms.

And yet, we are not surprised that so many have moments in which they doubt their Ascension is occurring.

For it is not the simplest nor the easiest way, to ascend to the next dimension, while still physically upon the Earth.

But it is what you have chosen—to ascend while still in a physical body, rather than wait until you leave this body to move up to the fifth dimension.

Understand that those of us already on that level (many having ascended in other eras, and in other Universes) know what an arduous business it is to set aside the forms and patterns of the third dimension, and to reach higher.

You were not made to stay in the third dimension, however.

You were made to move beyond the old constructions that hold you back, that keep you from manifesting the abundance, Light, beauty, fulfillment, peace and wellness that are your natural birthright.

And so how do you build a bridge from the restrictions and pains of the old, heavy, discouraging third dimension, to reach the beauty and fullness of life in the fifth?

That is what so many are asking now, and we are dedicating several books to it, the first of which will reach you in several months’ time.

There is no complex set of instruction, nor is it easier for some than for others.

For all must release what they have come to expect is normal and acceptable, in order to accept a higher and more Light-filled way of living, thinking, feeling and creating.

Relationships will transform—you have begun to see this already—as will the work day, the business of buying and selling, the ways in which you create abundance, and even your Earth Herself, which is only now beginning to heal from centuries of abuse from the dark ones.

And are there already indications of how these things will transform? Certainly, you know that there are many indications.

People around the world are waking up at an astonishing rate, refusing to be hoodwinked, stolen from, owned or controlled as they formerly were for many centuries.

And in your individual lives, you see more than a few relationships ending, and others beginning, as your Light and vibration go ever higher and brighter.

You see modes of work, and certain places, pastimes and interests which were once acceptable to you, as being no longer even remotely acceptable.

Either you have released them or they have released you—it is the same action.

You are acquiring higher methods of doing things, even as you spend each day supposedly doing what you have always done.

You are solving problems, thinking, feeling and acting with a higher vibration, from a place of higher wisdom and Love, than you have ever done before.

You are reaching for higher modes of thought, higher forms of solutions—both as individuals and as a human species.

You are fast becoming homo lumens—beings of Light, and releasing the carbon structure, and the cellular and DNA constructs of your ancestors.

This is why we have said so often, Welcome to the Galactic form of life—we are One in this Universe, not separate—and we celebrate such.

Your media, governments, educational institutions, banks, travel and healthcare institutions—all of your human institutions—cannot help but give way under the powerful influence of humankind’s new expectations and new collective vibration.

It is an expectation of Light and higher thought, higher wisdom and of Love of all, of the One of which all are a component and yet also that completeness itself.

Do not spend a moment worrying if you are ascending, or if your loved ones will be left behind, or if you have the strength to keep going, to keep working and paying bills, and dealing with the stresses and losses of everyday life.

Of course you have the strength: You chose such before you came here.

And the moment draws ever nearer, when all will be answered, and your Light will have accumulated to the point where only a post-NESARA world is possible, and none other.

Until then, we are here, as are all your guides and angelic aids.

We send great Love—and great admiration for your courage, and understanding of your weariness—and we tell you, you are never alone.

Namaste, dear ones! Know in these last days before the great change, that the entire Company of Heaven cheers you onward.

Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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