Saint Germain: Today the Violet Flame Surrounds the Earth, September 16, 2014

Source of reference: pleiadedolphininfos, Bob Fickes ~ Saint Germain: Today the Violet Flame Surrounds the Earth, September 16, 2014


A Message from St. Germain


My dear friends, I AM St. Germain. Today I send my Violet Flame to blanket the Earth surrounding everything in your world with a soft light of peace and joy.


I lift your consciousness and sooth your body with the healing rays of light. You will feel this peace going deep inside of you, lifting your soul to a new dimension of inner peace.


The Violet Flame is necessary at this time to help you transform into your highest good. Each of you must make a choice to do that thing that you have desired for so long. It may be the choice to do something good for your family or one of your friends. It may be the choice to visit a holy place and make an offering of peace for all the world. What ever your choice is, today is the day to confirm it.


Follow your heart. Don’t think too much. Just follow the simple instinct that whispers to you from deep inside. If you make the right choice and help someone who is in need, you will see a sign in the form of the Violet Flame. Embrace it and take it into your heart as a reward for doing good.


I know that many of you are experiencing great difficulties at this time. Please do not worry. The time has come for each of you to move beyond the problems of this world and believe that your destiny has come. Leave the problems behind and move forward into the light.


If you are sincere in your heart and the choice is made to help another, the problem that you leave behind will be forgiven and transformed. I give you this gift on this day when the Earth will change. It is just one more turn of the wheel to lift your world into an Age of Enlightenment and Ascension. May you be blessed and all your children be blessed.


I AM with you. I AM St. Germain!


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