God: Messages for Humanity – “The Clock Strikes 12”, February 17, 2015

Source of reference: Our Family of the Stars, English — The Golden Book – Messages for Humanity – “The Clock Strikes 12” via Alfred Steinecker, February 19, 2015





English — The Golden Book – Messages for Humanity – “The Clock Strikes 12” via Alfred Steinecker


The Golden Book

Messages for Humanity

“The Clock Strikes 12”


On February 17, 2015


Shortly after midnight, as I woke up and collected my thoughts, I heard the voice of I AM.

I AM: „It is time for a new message.”


Alfred: ”Father-Mother, what is the title of this message?”


I AM: „”The Clock Strikes 12″. Breathe deeply and calmly and write down the following words:”






„My children, the time is coming in which the hands of the clock reaches its destination.

There is a roar, a storm,  that rips you out of your sleep. It is intended to direct your attention to what is to come; the crack of time,  that makes time stand still.

Do not be afraid, it will be over soon and I will stand behind you, to strengthen you. Have faith in me, in my omnipotence, which raises you onto the threshold of a new era.

Be courageous in what you do.

Trust your inner guidance in this great moment that has never happened before.

I look forward to you and all the hosts of the angelic realm, rejoicing.

The time is near when the miracle comes true for you.

In peace, and for always

It is I






Thoughtfully, I look out into the darkness and gaze up at the sky.


A deep inner peace enfolds me…



Channeller: Alfred Steinecker


Source: http://www.the-golden-book.net



One of our translators put these two questions to Alfred :



a)- Seria interessante saber a data a que o “12” se refere… E “12” = meio-dia, ou meia-noite? Assumo que se refira a uma meia-noite (de quando?) por causa da 1ª frase do 2º parágrafo “… a roar that rips you out of your sleep…”, mas é apenas uma suposição.


It would be interesting to know at which ’12´ the I AM is referring to … It is  12:00 am (noon) or 12:00 pm (mid-night)? I assume It refers to midnight (but when?) due to the first sentence of the second paragraph … a roar that rips you out of your sleep …” but this is only my conjecture.


Alfred: It is meant 12 at midnight. This is when the previous day ends and the new day begins. (and you have sensed “rips out of your sleep” as the time at night very well)


b) – Ele (Alfred) deixou de ter contactos com o ser Sigilda, e agora é com esta outra entidade que comunica?


Is he (Alfred) having been no more in touch with Sigilda? Is this  another entity with whom he is in touch?


Alfred: Oh yes, Sigilda. She is such a wonderful being. I was in touch since then a few times but there are now other ET beings which I have a closer relationship now. One very important being is the Arcturian Ben ‘Sha. The reason for that is that the ET beings are like “guides” for certain steps in the development. Sigilda had a very important role when we created the Starpeople community and she guided us during the time. The three most significant ET being races I’m currently in touch with are Arcturians, Sirians and Andromedians. The contacts I have run “behind the curtain” so to say.


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