God: Children of the Great Light, January 30, 2015

Source of reference: Lichtwelt Verlag, CHILDREN OF THE GREAT LIGHT, GOD, 18. FEBRUAR 2015


18. FEBRUAR 2015


Conversation with God

Message from the Light Reading
on January 30th, 2015 in Vienna
channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Entrust yourself to God’s Grace

Beloved Ones,

Gods in the Gestalt of a human Being, whereby you
expose yourself to great experiences and Made the
decision for a great service.
I am amongst you, the Source of all Sources,
without beginning and without end, eternal
and All-That-Is.
Entrust yourself to my Grace, because my Grace
is in a position to do all, heal all and return everything
to the divine condition.

And truly: the great time of grace has come for this
mankind – on all levels and in every respect. Never believe
that something is impossible for my Grace! And so I call on
you to give up all earthly qualms, all humanly directed
conditioning, so that you can dedicate yourself entirely to me.

JJK: In what kind of condition must a human
Being be in order to partake in your Grace?
What is the precondition for it that this miracle
and this gift may occur?

Devotion to God 

GOD: Devotion! Absolute devotion to God. What is devotion?
Devotion to God means the absolute surrender of the ego,
means to refrain from all earthly concepts and to fully orient
oneself toward the Divine. Devotion means what the word
expresses: To give all. Like two lovers do, to no longer
recognize the world around them. Whereby everyone
finds his happiness in the happiness of the other.
In that moment all intellectual and egoistic concepts
of a human Being go into the background
– the unconditional devotion rules.

How is this to be transferred to the spiritual
level, how is this to be interpreted?
Every human Being goes through a multitude of rich
experiences. Life after life. And at the point when
everything has been lived and experienced, everything
that has been lived and experienced by these human
Beings begins to fall off.

This process withdraws entirely from the control of
the individual human Being and always begins very suddenly.
Meaning, a fundamental transformation for a human Being is
only then possible as he finishes his journey on this level.
This process for every human Being is a “gift” from his
“all-knowing” soul or has also been “dictated”, because
the end of the journey in this world is determined by
the higher-ranking divine power and not by the lower
vibrating matrix.

Therefore this is the moment every human Being
waits for, every human Being moves toward. 

Deep in your inner Being, the divine navigator, 
your divine self, guides this process, until you 
are ready without resistance to let yourself 
be entirely absorbed by God.

Thereby it is significant that this moment reaches
every human Being, regardless of how aware he
already is or how unaware he still is.
Meaning, the path to enlightenment is not
always a “linear path”, whereby a Being is
“spiritualized” step by step.

Also those human Beings, who are in danger to
go under in the morass of their own dark history,
will, as the time has come, suddenly be captured
by this new power: The power, which brings forth
the divine in a human Being and releases everything
else that vibrates differently.

Therefore it means: You will be astonished about who
will sit next to you in Heaven. But you will also be
astonished about who will not sit next to you.

JJK: This means, every human Being can partake
of your Grace, as the time for it has come?
Also totally dark entities?

Principle of God’s Grace 

GOD: This is the principle of God’s Grace, who I am.
Do not think that every human Being must work off
and release his karma in a lifetime.
In the moment when God’s Grace becomes
effective, do I, who I am your Creator,
take your karma on me and I dissolve it.
If the time has come, it occurs.

JJK: This means, we will still experience very
many miracles, where and how God’s Grace will
become effective in this great purification process,
which the world and human Beings are subjected to?

GOD: Yes, very, very many miracles and great
astonishment. After a human Being himself has
prepared the soil for my seed, can this be given.

The coming Days 

In these days the events on all levels are coming to
a head. And many old human souls, which have already
completed their “great circle of Life” a long time ago,
work on different levels of this society. Every need for
recognition in the earthly world has long fallen off from
these human Beings and therefore they work exclusively
for the benefit of mankind, themselves liberated from
ego-attachments a long time ago.
Often it is those, not being recognized as such and
foremost those, who hold their Light high, yet thereby
do not elevate themselves. This means, the coming and
already begun events bring Light to all areas and it becomes
obvious, how forcefully and powerfully human Beings change
this world; a world, which seems destined for the downfall.

JJK: Meaning: No destruction of the earth,
no nuclear war, no third World War.

GOD: Energy must free itself and discharge.
Forces of darkness, which enter into the Light,
leave traces behind. Today these traces are
already visible.

Destruction of the Earth? 

And again God’s Grace works, because truly:
The living Mother Earth will shake, will burn
and will drown the slurry of time in an ocean.  

Yet the living planet earth 
is destined for Life and not 
for the downfall.

The answer is clear as well as irreversible: 
Conflicts bring forth many events, war and upheavals,
a nuclear destruction of this your world is excluded!
Even if in these days the dark clouds appear, they
must yield to the Light of the Masters of time and
will dissolve in their rays.

Today it is significant to understand that mankind’s
abysses appear openly. And this is – even if a very
challenging – foremost a healing process. You are the
elders and you are the old, some very old souls, and
due to your power the dark cannot take hold any more
on this level. It appears, it flares up, acts threateningly
– and disappears.

It dissolves from this world and goes to a new one,
which you have nothing in common with any more.

God’s Grace Vibration

For this reason today it is of extraordinary significance
that you move yourself steadily in God’s Grace vibration.
This creates the energy field wherein you remain untouchable
for all lower vibrating ones and remain untouchable for these
forces. As great children of the Great Light the assignment
now comes to you, due to the inner strength of Love, to
accompany the discharging events, so that they do not
continue or get fixed in this world.

In times of extremes it is necessary to keep the
inner balance, so that power is withdrawn from
the dark energies and power can flow to the
light-filled forces. 

Light warriors, who allow to be absorbed by the 
battle in this world, work against the goal! These 
human Beings fight in vain, because the good light 
warrior is the one, who guides his light sword without 
fury, without anger, without hate and freed from fear.

This time transforms everything!

You have been sent to earth, in order to fulfill
– to fulfill your life and this transformation.
Now this world begins to fall off from more and more
human Beings, it fades, until it is totally dissolved in
All-That-Is. What remains is the new reality in God.
In a world of divine harmony, in the presence of divine
Love and in the healing Light of the Creator,
who I am God.

You are infinitely great lights, you are the yardstick of the
new world, you have already created this new world within
yourself and now it manifests in All-That-Is.
Today the dissolution processes of the old world take
place. And they are intensive for you and painful for
those, who hang on to the old world.

With these words, which are charged with Love
and are carried by the Light, I bless you, those,
who know me, as I know you.

Trust God 

I am the great Light and everything has come
forth from me. Now everything returns to me.
Trust it: Nothing is impossible for God!
Everything can be affected due to you and from you,
as soon as the garments of time have fallen off from
you, like flakes of the skin.

Trust it: My Grace is omnipresent!
And you will also be touched by it and 
I will capture you, me, who I am God. 
On the Great Day of the Light, which is here, 
which comes and comes near. In Eternity.



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