Bob Fickes: The Return of Amaterasu, September 12, 2014

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Bob Fickes ~ The Return of Amaterasu

Friday, September 12, 2014




Amaterasu is coming. The Flames of Her Consciousness has already begun to ignite the master souls of Japan. This is what you all have been waiting for.


Amaterasu is the Mother Soul of Japan. She hides in the cave of the heart and waits for the right moment when her devotees are ready for her. Once the clouds of emotion have been cleared enough, the bright Sun of Her Consciousness will wake up from deep inside of you. She is the root consciousness of every old soul in Japan. This means that as you clear your personal ego and open your heart, Amaterasu will emerge from deep inside of you and radiate her light through your body, mind and soul. The return of Amaterasu will ignite Enlightenment for all of Japan.


Amaterasu once again has been hiding in her cave. It is time for her to emerge. The fierce flames of her renewal will transform all the souls of Japan. Her awakening will not only be through the human souls, she will emerge through the animals and gods as well. Amaterasu will soon be everywhere.


She is the ultimate healer for the land and the people of Japan.


There is something all of you can do to stimulate her return. Every Sunday at high noon call on Amaterasu to enter your consciousness. She will come on a Rainbow Chariot of Light and appear in the Inner Sky of your Consciousness.


Feel her presence within you and let her flames of sunshine radiate in all directions through your body and soul. Feel like a light bulb radiating her sunshine everywhere in Japan. As more and more people do this exercise, she will gain the confidence to come out of her cave and restore balance to the land and people of Japan just as she did so long ago.


Amaterasu is the Mother of your soul. This means she is already inside of you resting in the deepest part of the cave of your heart. Call on her to come out and share her power and glory with you. One by one, cell by cell, she will emerge. It is time and you are ready. Let’s do it every Sunday at high noon. Bless you and bless Japan.


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