Blessed Virgin Mary: Divine Trine, November 17, 2014

Source of reference: World Peace Projects, Divine Trine, November 17, 2014


Divine Trine

Posted on Nov 18, 2014

Channeled by Chloe Hudson


Hello our loving family of light.


We are here to commence our lessons on manifestation.


So we shall recap that as you bring yourself into a state of experiential feeling of all that you are trying to create as your truth; we have asked you all to pull the thought down from your mind to your heart knowing and a body sensation of divine frequency alignment.


This puts you in the vibration, the frequency of having the specific manifestation. Now make energetic note of the frequency and imagine filing, cataloging, logging it in the mitochondria of your DNA.


See it as light infusing your cells, imagining feeling the frequency inside your cells, your DNA now.


Then a very important and often overlooked step is to make an action, one that brings you closer to this manifested truth while holding, owning, wearing, experiencing, being the divine frequency alignment.


No matter how big or small the action is, it is enough. Now, next time you visualize consciously on manifesting this desire. please access the divine frequency alignment from within your mitochondria.


And as you transform your conscious frequency into this desired divine frequency alignment, remember to refile it in your cells, your DNA, your mitochondria to activate exponential amplification of this divine frequency alignment within your vehicle, within your being, within your reality.


Thank you for enjoying and experiencing this ride of ascension.


We love you and bless you in all ways.


Sabo Sabo (Sawbow Sawbow)



Your loving Divine Trine.



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