No Wrong Way – Archangel Michael

Source of reprinting: Daniel Scranton, No Wrong Way – Archangel Michael, October 19, 2014



No Wrong Way – Archangel Michael


“Ultimately, there is nothing that you can do wrong. There is no such thing as sin. There is not even the tiniest mistake that can be made. We are speaking now of the ideas that you have on your world of right and wrong. These are not absolutes. They are not determined by anything outside of you.


There is no right way to do something. There is no wrong answer. There is only that which serves you and that which does not. When we talk about serving you and not serving you, we are speaking now about the intentions that you hold. If you hold the intention of putting out a fire, then throwing gasoline on it does not serve you. Throwing water on it does.


So let us say that you come across a fire, and you want to put it out. And you do not know the difference between water and gasoline and their effects on fire. Let us say you throw the gasoline onto the fire, and let us say that you survive the experience. Now your intention to put out the fire is even stronger, and now the water is even more appreciated and the experience is more satisfying.


But you could have also thrown dirt on the fire or smothered it in some other way. And that is not a more right way to go about it. In fact, if you do not give yourself the experience of throwing the gasoline on the fire, then you are not having as much of a diverse experience as you could.


So if that is the underlying intention that you have before incarnating, then certainly it would not serve you to throw the water or the dirt onto the fire first. Diversity of experience is a wonderful thing. It is highly recommended. It is sought after and appreciated, and it always serves you.


We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”